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Hello! I’m Mikaela Lauren Norman and I help people improve their health using whole nutrient-dense foods and a gentle coaching approach so they can live healthy and whole lives.

While living abroad in SE Asia, I was exposed to a different approach to medicine. When someone was ill, they went first to fruits, vegetables, herbs, and spices for their healing properties before turning to a prescription. Not only was this approach more affordable and accessible, it also came without the negative side effects of many prescription drugs. This intrigued me, and I began to research this on my own. Turns out whole foods have amazing healing properties! I had to learn more, so I enrolled in the Nutritional Therapy Association. In 2019, I completed my certification as a Functional Nutritional Therapy Practitioner and launched Mikaela Lauren Wellness shortly after. My vision is to give people the tools and support they need to use whole foods and make lifestyle changes for lasting improvements to their health.

Mikaela Lauren Norman Website
Mikaela Lauren Norman Website

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Favorite Travel Spot:   Indonesia

Can’t Live Without:   Dark Chocolate

Must Have Accessory:  Basic Gold Hoops

Best Advice:   Focus on today

Describe yourself in one Word:   Faithful

Fun Fact:   I speak Bahasa Indonesia

Your body is your home. It deserves appropriate maintenance so it can thrive. But it’s not meant to be worshipped and obsessed over. It’s not meant to give you fear and anxiety if it’s not in the perfect condition. And it’s also not meant to be neglected. To honor God with your body means to respect and care for your body in a way that allows you to pursue your Kingdom purpose that God created you for.

Laura Schoenfeld, RD