Essential Fats

Essential Fats

Next up in our foundations series is Fatty Acids. We've probably all at one point been told to eat a low-fat diet. But over the last decade, research has come to show how much we need full-fat foods in their natural form. Fats are essential, but we also want to make sure the fats we are eating are whole food sources and nutrient-dense. So let's talk about why we need fat in our diet, what fats do for our health, what fats to avoid, and what fats to incorporate into your diet.There are six types of fats that are essential: linoleic acid (omega 6), alpha-linolenic a[...]

Balanced Blood Sugar

Balanced Blood Sugar

Like digestion, your blood sugar has a huge impact on your overall health. Yet it's not something we talk about very often. Unfortunately, when you experience blood sugar dysregulation, this can lead to a host of different health issues. According to the CDC, more than one-third of Americans have symptoms that match metabolic syndrome. Metabolic syndrome is linked to insulin resistance, which unfortunately is a precursor to type two diabetes. "Insulin is a hormone made by your pancreas that helps sugar enter your cells to be used as fuel. In people with insulin re[...]

Optimum Digestion

Digestion - Mikaela Lauren Wellness

A properly working digestive system is imperative to your health. Without it, you will not absorb the nutrients your body needs to function properly. Your gut also plays a huge role in your mental health as well as your immune system. Digestion is "the process of making food absorbable by mechanically and enzymatically breaking it down into simpler chemical compounds in the digestive tract." Now let's break down how the digestive system works. Do you know where your digestion starts? Digestion begins in the brain. As soon as you see food, your nervous system re[...]

Wellness Foundations

foundations of wellness-mlw

We are holistic beings, with multiple facets playing a role in our health including our mental and physical health. While completing my certification to become a Functional Nutritional Therapy Practitioner, I learned about the key foundations that play a role in our health. In this series, I'm going to share with you what those are and how you can use this knowledge to live a healthy and whole, fulfilled life. The Foundations of Wellness according to the Nutritional Therapy Association are nutrition[...]

My Skin Story – Part 3

Mikaela Lauren Wellness Skin Journey 3

In the last two posts, I shared my journey of having severely cystic acne, to clear skin. Today I'm sharing what I know helped heal my skin:Cleaning up my diet and avoiding any food I'm sensitive to. Food sensitivities can be caused by an imbalance in gut bacteria, so you don’t need to cut them out forever, but if they are causing inflammation in your gut, your body can respond with acne. Cutting out these triggers while I healed my gut was crucial to clearing my skin. Research suggests there may be a correlation between acne and dairy, so it's not a bad idea to[...]

My Skin Story – Part 2

My Skin Journey - Part 2

Last week I shared my experience with conventional medicine and my acne. You can read about it in part one of this series here. After years of seeing only temporary results, I decided it was time to dive deeper and find the root cause of my acne. When I lived in Indonesia, I saw a holistic approach to medicine. I had never experienced this before, but it intrigued me, and I wondered if I could use this approach of food as medicine to clear my skin. I began cutting out certain foods that I researched could trigger acne including sugar, gluten, soy, and dairy. I tr[...]

My Skin Story – Part 1

Let’s chat about my own story and health journey, specifically my acne story. As many preteens and teens do, I experienced acne. I tried many different products to treat my acne, but nothing seemed to change much. It wasn’t until college, that I went to a dermatologist for the first time. After sharing with her I was not interested in taking any oral rolex day date 118346 rolex calibre 2813 mens 13mm supplements, she put me on a topical antibiotic and retinal cream. This did make a difference in my skin, and for the next few years, I had pret[...]

Tips for Staying Healthy While Traveling

  • Tips for Staying Healthy While Traveling
  • Tips for Staying Healthy While Traveling
  • Tips for Staying Healthy While Traveling

I love to travel. I spent a good amount of time living overseas in college and after I graduated and have been blessed to travel a lot. I've been to Mexico, SE Asia, and all over the US, including Alaska! Although I love to travel, it can be hard to be out of routine, and as someone with food sensitivities, it can be difficult to find food that is good and nourishing for my body. So over the years, I've figured out some ways I can stay healthy while traveling and fully enjoy my trip. So let's get into the tips: Stay hydrated! Bring your own water bottle and fill[...]

The Supplements I Take Daily

Mikaela Lauren Wellness Daily Supplements

I strongly believe that you cannot supplement your way out of a bad diet or lifestyle. However, supplements are a great addition to enhance your diet and lifestyle because sometimes it can be hard to get in all the nutrients we need. Our environment, genetics, diet, and lifestyle all factor into what vitamins and minerals we need and could be deficient in.Also, just a quick note on supplements, there are SO many brands out there and it can be overwhelming. It's easy to just go battery sizes for replica rolex cellini with the cheapest option. Unfortunately, not all[...]

Healthy Kitchen Swaps

Mikaela Lauren Wellness Healthy Kitchen Swaps

One simple replacement of a processed food item in your kitchen is a step in the right direction unisex rolex oyster perpetual date 15000 34 mm case automatic movement white dial towards a healthier diet and lifestyle. Chemicals and additives in foods can lead to many side effects including insulin resistance, brain fog, fatigue, digestive upset, weight gain, and more.Focus on swapping out these processed foods for whole foods elf bar energy ice which contain fewer ingredients, are less processed, and more nutrient-dense.I created this guide so you can get started[...]