Staying healthy and positive

Immune Boosting Tips

Despite the chaos of the current events, what can we do to boost our immune systems and stay positive?

Here are some of practical tips:

Get outside. If at all possible spend time outdoors (avoiding large crowds) to boost your vitamin D and lower stress. Take a walk, hike, bike, or simply sit outside in the sun kv rolex day date 118206 36mm mens stainless steel automatic.

Do everything you can to keep your stress low. Stressing out over what’s going on will only weaken your immune system. Journal, pray, meditate, read, and spend time outdoors.

Take advantage of the slower pace we are being forced to take due to closures and quarantines. Use this time to really rest. Enjoy being with your immediate family. Do a fun craft or some projects around the home you’ve been wanting to get done. Make sure you are getting adequate sleep (7-9 hours a night).

Eat a whole foods diet that is nutrient-dense! Focus on high amounts of fruits and vegetables, high-quality animal products, and whole grains. Limit your intake of sugar, refined oils, and processed foods. Some great immune-boosting foods are bone broth, greens (spinach, kale, lettuce, etc), ginger, garlic, turmeric, cruciferous vegetables (broccoli, cauliflower, cabbage, etc), liver, and citrus rolex day date unissex 36mm m128238 0022 mostrador marrom.

Support your body with immune-boosting supplements. My top recommendations are:

Vitamin D

Vitamin C





Essential Oils

Colloidal Silver


You can shop my favorite immune-boosting supplements here.

Hope these tips help! Tell me in the comments how you’re doing!

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