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Overwhelmed with the amount of health information out there?

Frustrated with constantly feeling rolex yacht master rolex calibre 2813 116695 mens rose gold tone 12mm fatigued, moody, and unmotivated?

Ready for a simple, realistic approach to wellness that will impact the rest of your life?

Mikaela Lauren Wellness One on One Coaching

Individual Coaching

Get healthy with whole, nutrient-dense foods, guided lifestyle changes, and ongoing support. Through a comprehensive health evaluation based on diet, history, lifestyle, stress, and sleep, receive a personalized protocol and ongoing support. Nutritional therapy is available in-person or virtually.

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Mikaela Lauren Wellness Group Coaching

Group Program

Over four sessions, we will explore the foundations of wellness. You will be provided with tools, recipes, and accountability to make lasting changes to your health with the added support of a group for encouragement and accountability. 

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Mikaela Lauren Wellness Grocery Guide

Grocery Guide

Walk through your favorite grocery store while being coached on how to read labels, what to avoid, and learn a my personal staples. This service is available locally in the Twin Cities at Whole Foods, Trader Joe’s, Aldi, Fresh Thyme or Costco. 

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Let's Work Together

Through a gentle coaching approach, focusing on body, mind, and spirit, let’s make lasting changes to your health!

Mikaela Lauren Wellness Let's Work Together

Let's make a change

Lifestyle change and changes in diet work faster, better and more cheaply than any medication and are as effective or more effective…without any side effects or long-term complications.

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Are you Ready To Work Together?

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