Balanced Blood Sugar

Balanced Blood Sugar

Like digestion, your blood sugar has a huge impact on your overall health. Yet it's not something we talk about very often. Unfortunately, when you experience blood sugar dysregulation, this can lead to a host of different health issues. According to the CDC, more than one-third of Americans have symptoms that match metabolic syndrome. Metabolic syndrome is linked to insulin resistance, which unfortunately is a precursor to type two diabetes. "Insulin is a hormone made by your pancreas that helps sugar enter your cells to be used as fuel. In people with insulin re[...]

The Supplements I Take Daily

Mikaela Lauren Wellness Daily Supplements

I strongly believe that you cannot supplement your way out of a bad diet or lifestyle. However, supplements are a great addition to enhance your diet and lifestyle because sometimes it can be hard to get in all the nutrients we need. Our environment, genetics, diet, and lifestyle all factor into what vitamins and minerals we need and could be deficient in.Also, just a quick note on supplements, there are SO many brands out there and it can be overwhelming. It's easy to just go battery sizes for replica rolex cellini with the cheapest option. Unfortunately, not all[...]